What is the ‘Faces of Places’ project??

‘Faces of Places’ is all about connecting and celebrating cultures from all over the world.

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Almost 3 years ago, I graduated college and I knew my first step in the real world was to actually get to know the real world! Our worldview is so limited when we only stay in one place and do the same thing over and over for months or even years. We adapt to a normal and anything outside of that normal becomes strange and foreign to us. Yet those strange and foreign things are the normal for someone else on the other side of the world, and there are about 7 billion normals out there for every person on this planet! Faces of Places exposes and gives a small glimpse into these ‘normals’ all over the world. It brings them all into one collection, comparing and contrasting the ways cultures and the places we grow up shapes the perceived standards we come to know as normal life. It challenges the day to day and allows people to look outside their own worldview bubble to recognize the billion other ways people conduct their daily lives.

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As I traveled, this idea beyond fascinated me. Seeing the vast array of work being done all over the world to provide food and security for ones family. The way people dressed, the things they ate, and the places they called home, all varied. There is no one exact path to success and happy living. There is no ‘normal.’

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However, there is a consistency I found from place to place, and that is our humanity. We all can relate to the ways of being a human. The necessity of oxygen to breath, the need for food to sustain us, the desire for friendship and laughter, the fear and pain of the unknown, the power of love. The color of our skin may vary, but we all have eyes and ears, a mouth and a nose. We all think with our brain and process emotions through our soul. We are all made in the same image and designed by one Creator.

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So the Faces of Places project is more than just a travel journal. Sure, I do hope to inspire you to travel the world and see beautiful places, but its much more than that. It is an attempt to remove racial prejudices and celebrate our differences. It is my hope to make the world a little bit smaller and a lot friendlier. It defies the definition of normal and pushes people to look beyond their own limited worldview. It allows people to see how much they have in common with the rest of the people of the world and evoke compassion for our fellow human being. It makes these faces and these places real.

You are invited to come along for the journey. See the World. Meet the People.

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Or buy the book at http://www.facesofplacesproject.com/merch/


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